Fit Guide

Measuring for Band Size

For the most accurate measurement we suggest you remove your top and leave your bra on. Wear a bra that is free of padding to ensure an accurate measurement.

To measure for your band size, place the measuring tape around the ribcage, directly under the bust. Make sure the tape is straight and flat across the back and parallel to the floor. Pull the tape snug. Round the measurement to the nearest even number. This number will be your band size and is the first step in determining what bra size you are.

Measuring for Cup Size

To determine your cup size, measure at the fullest part of the bust with the tape parallel to the floor. If someone is measuring you, make sure to keep your arms at your side. Do not pull the tape snug, but rather pull the tape just gently enough to keep it in place. Round the number up or down to the nearest full inch. Write this number down on a piece of paper with the words “cup measurement” next to it.

Calculating Your Size

Subtract your band measurement from your cup measurement:


Each inch difference between your cup and band measurement represent a cup size:

1 inch difference: A Cup

2 inch difference: B Cup

3 inch difference: C Cup

4 inch difference: D Cup

5 inch difference: E Cup


To determine what bra size you are, subtract the “band measurement number” from the “cup measurement number”. For instance, If your band measurement is 34 Inches and your cup measurement is 37 you would subtract 34 from 37 and end up with a 3 inch difference. Each inch indicates a cup size. For example 3 inches is a C cup, 4 inches a D cup, 5 inches a E cup and so on. Now, team your cup size with your back band and you have your bra size. Based on the measurements above, you would be a 34C.

How to properly try on a bra


Place your arms in the straps and hook your bra on the first set of loops. Lean over and use gravity to center your breast into the cup. Then, in a sweeping motion from the side of cup towards the center of the cup, lift and smooth your breast into the cup on both sides.


Make sure you check your strap adjustment every time you put on your bra. As the day go on, straps can tend to slide and you definitely don't want slipping straps.


The correct tension will only allow you to slide your thumb under the strap. If you can fit your whole hand your straps need to be tighter. Having properly adjusted straps will ensure that your bra is giving you the best support.


Bra band should hug firmly around the body, anchoring the bra cup and underwire in place. Again, you do not want to be able to fit more than two fingers between your bra and your body.


If the Band of the bra fits correctly, it should lay straight across your back without riding up in the center.